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Design: Low maintenance,

wheelchair friendly & and low cost

When they were younger, our clients were very keen gardeners, to the extent that the centre of their front garden – where most would have a lawn – was given over to a large vegetable growing bed. But with the passing of the years and a serious illness, they came to realise that it was becoming too much for them. They wanted a really low maintenance garden which was accessible by wheelchair.

Low sleeper wall

The veg bed was bordered with an old and somewhat dilapidated log roll, with Oxalis-infested gravel around the outside.

Our design was simple and bold: A raised sleeper-framed square, with a circular gravel path – laid on a hexagonal grid to prevent the aggregate from being displaced – bordered with  a steel edging system to retain the gravel and delineate the path. Remaining areas laid with different grade and colour gravel over a weed-suppressing membrane.

The completed construction

Existing pots were re-used and planted up with new specimens. Large cobbles were artistically arranged

Golden and red origanum and Lamium ‘White Nancy’ were planted into the gravel. Finally, a crab apple tree – Red Sentinel whose red fruits persist well into winter – was planted in the middle of the sleeper square.