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Catkin Gardens exists to make – and keep – your garden looking beautiful


We provide a professional and personable garden design and maintenance service in and around Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks.


Whether it’s refreshing a tired old border or designing an entire garden, we have the qualifications, skills and enthusiasm to make it work for you.


We will maintain and actively develop your garden.

Plants grow old or fail to fulfil their potential while some just outgrow their space. At times gardens just get tired and become in need of rejuvenation. A dedicated management team can keep the garden alive and thriving. We wish to engage with you to continue to seek your garden’s improvement and further your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Gardens of all sizes require maintenance to some degree, whether that is weekly, fortnightly, monthly, seasonally or just occasionally.


When the growth of shrubs and/or weeds in your garden has reached the stage where you feel it is out of control and you’re not sure where to start, we can restore order, and return your outdoor space to a place that brings you enjoyment.

This can also be a valuable service when placing a property on the market and where the condition of the garden really doesn’t create a good first impression. We can increase the property’s ‘kerb appeal’ significantly which will help boost the prospect of a sale.

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